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Houses Near Silverhill School

If you want to find houses near Silverhill schools, then here’s some info about the school district and home prices and availability. First, Silverhill, AL, is a somewhat small and rural town in Alabama with a population of around 704 and with median home values of around $208K as of June 2023. This is lower than the national average but in the ever-popular Baldwin County outside of Mobile.

According to Realtor.com, there are 38 listings for single-family homes in Silverhill, AL. Prices start at $199K for a 1280 sq ft one-story home on a ¼ acre lot. The highest price listing is $735K for a 3140 sq ft one-story new construction home built on a 1.2-acre lot. Both are “in-district” to the ever-popular Silverhill School, which Nich.com voted one of the top elementary schools in the Mobile area.

Homes in this school district are an investment in your family’s total prosperity, as it provides a financial investment and educational trajectory sure to create more and better opportunities going forward. With small class sizes and above-average state test scores, your children’s academic future is bright. It’s a diverse culture with a high rate of graduation and college acceptance.

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